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17 - School Administration – A Year of Local Governments in Japan (March.2017)

16 - Vaccination Against Disease – A Year of Local Governments in Japan (February.2017)

15 – Fire Brigades Review – A Year of Local Governments in Japan (January.2017)


Anti-crime and Fire-prevention Activities (December.2016)

Shichi-Go-San Celebration (November.2016)

Two Tokyo Olympics (October.2016)

Aged Day (September.2016)

Summer Vacation (August.2016)

National Election (July.2016)

Thank you for the continuous support of our Newsletter! (June.2016)

Gratitude for the support from both Australia and New Zealand in regards to the Kumamoto earthquakes (May.2016)

Election in Local Governments (April.2016)

Season of Personnel Change (March.2016)

Benefit of Local Allocation Tax (February.2016)

Preparing Next Year’s Budget (January.2016)


Holidays in Japan (December.2015)

Discussion at Assemblies (November.2015)

School sports day in Japan (October.2015)

Outline of Local Governments in Japan (September.2015)

Intoruducing our new Director Katsunori Kamibo (August.2015)

Farewell Message from Director Yasuhiko Tanabe (July.2015)

Japanese Local Governments and Pets(June.2015)

Japanese Local Government and Tourism (May.2015)

Local government in Australia and New Zealand (April.2015)

Local government and police services (March.2015)

Local bonds (February.2015)

Local Public Corporations (January.2015)


Election management in Japan (December.2014)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (November.2014)

Comparative study of Local government (October.2014)

Revitalising local economies (September.2014)

Government’s role for recovery from a disaster (August.2014)

Local Allocation Tax Grants (July.2014)

Local taxes in Japan (June.2014)

Waste management and local government (May.2014)

CLAIR Report (April.2014)

Examples of advanced policies of Japanese local governments (March.2014)

Local Autonomy College (February.2014)

Local government and hospitals (January.2014)


Tohoku is back (December.2013)

Educational system in Japan (November.2013)

Local governments and sports activities (October.2013)

Service delivery in Japan (September.2013)

The 2013 CLAIR Forum (August.2013)

The difference in Constitutional amendment process between Australia and Japan (July.2013)

Rebuilding a great society (June.2013)

Constitutional status of Japanese local government (May.2013)

40th Anniversary of the sister city relationship between Japan and New Zealand (Apr.2013)

About the local government staff in Japan (Mar.2013)

Disaster management system in Japan and Australia (Feb.2013)

Japanese local governments in January (Jan.2013)


50th Anniversary of the Sister City relationship between Japan and Australia (Dec.2012)

Multicultural society and Japanese local governments (Nov.2012)

The system of regional cooperation in Japan (Oct.2012)

Summer festivals and Japanese local governments (Sep.2012)

Introducing our new Director, Yasuhiko Tanabe (Aug.2012)