Toyota city members’ visit to Australia

Supporting Toda city’s students visit

Nagoya Students visit to Sydney

Supporting Fukushima’s Samurai Festival

Supporting Nagoya city’s activities

Supporting Hiroshima city councillors

Supporting Hokkaido prefecture

Shiroishi students visit to CLAIR Sydney office

Supporting Aichi Prefecture

Supporting Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Snow Travel Expo and Japan Snow & Adventure Travel Mart


Support for Nagoya student delegation to Geelong City based on Wetlands

Supporting Ehime prefecture

Supporting visitors from the Legislative Bureau of the Japanese House of Councillors

Supporting the celebrations for the Sydney-Nagoya Sister-City Anniversary!

Promoting Kumamoto city during Matsuri in Sydney

 Ibaraki Prefecture’s overseas study tour

Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly visits CLAIR Sydney

Toyama Association of Corporate Executives visit CLAIR Sydney

Kagoshima Mayors visit Sydney

Saitama Products & Tourism Fair in Sydney

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Study Mission Delegation

Meeting with staff from Wakayama prefecture

Japan Centre for Regional Development’s fieldwork in New Zealand

Remuneration system of Local Government Employees in NSW

Supporting Chiba Prefecture

Supporting Hyogo Prefecture

Snow Travel Expos in Sydney and Melbourne

Supporting Saitama Prefecture

Snow show in Brisbane

Supporting Hiroshima activity regarding cycling tourism

Meeting with staff from Okinawa prefecture

Assisting Hiroshima Convention Bureau’s promotion of tourism

Aomori tourism promotion


Japanese agricultural delegation from Shikaoi Town visit Australian farms

Female Delegation from Fukuoka Prefecture

Okayama Sake & Bizen Pottery Promotion

Kochi Yuzu Promotion

Supporting the Sanda City Society of Commerce and Industry

Visit to Sydney for the Sydney Running Festival and Promoting the Nagoya City Marathon

Assisting Dr. Yoshida’s research

Supporting Nagoya Commercial High School Research

Nagoya Students Visit Sydney

Supporting Hiroshima prefecture regarding research about accepting international students

Researching the legacy of Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Game

Supporting Shimane Prefecture

Snow Travel Expo 2014

Sister City Exchange between Sannohe and Tamworth

Snow Travel Expo 2014 in Melbourne and Sydney 

Nagoya Samurai Performers Wow Crowds at Fremantle Street Arts Festival

Nagoya-Geelong Wetlands Exchange Brings School Students Together

Supporting Dr. Yoshida and her research into refugee and asylum seeker assistance in Australia (24-26 February)

Supporting Kochi Prefecture

Assisting delegates from Oita Prefecture

Supporting Aomori Prefectural Assembly

Supporting Delegates from the association of west and North Tsugaru Towns and Villages

Supporting Tokyo Metropolitan Government


A delegation from Otsu in Shiga prefecture visits Mosman

Supporting Tokyo Metropolitan Government Staff

Supporting Ishikawa Prefecture

Campbelltown and Koshigaya exchange staff program

Sister City relationship deepens with visit from community delegation

Promoting the Nagoya City Marathon

Assisting the Association of Prefectural Board of Education Chairpesons

Assisting a delegation from Kochi Prefecture

Yokohama City Representatives at International Conference

Students from Nagoya visit City of Sydney

Supporting Shizuoka Prefecture

Supporting Fukuoka City

The Governor of Wakayama Prefecture Made the Top Sales in Sydney

Snow Travel Expo 2013 in Sydney


Support services: Visiting the NSW Electoral Commission

Academic Research on Australia’s Refugee and Asylum Seeker Policy

Assistance with Precinct Committee System Research

Visitors from Otsu City

Supporting Himeji City

Supporting the activities of the Okinawa Prefectual Assembly