International Exchange

Sister City Exchange

As of October 2015, there are 108 sister city relationships between Japan and Australia (made up of 102 municipalities and 6 states). Also, there are 41 sister city relationships between Japan and New Zealand.


Beginning with visits to their sister city, the sister city relationships provide opportunities for both parties in various areas including education, culture, sports, and economic exchange. The sister city relationships focus on utilizing and promoting the strengths of each municipality.

Our organization, Japan Local Government Centre (CLAIR Sydney), helps municipalities maintain existing sister city relationships by offering advice and assistance in regards to cultural differences, research, information, and so on. We also promote and help form new sister city relationships by introducing municipalities in Australia/New Zealand to those in Japan.

For more information on Sister City Exchanges between Japan and Australia/New Zealand, see Sister City Exchange Achievements.

School Exchange

In addition to Sister City Exchanges, we encourage School Exchanges between Japan and Australia/New Zealand. Through a School Exchange, students from both countries are able to gain new experiences and opportunities. We are happy to assist any municipalities or schools interested in establishing a School Exchange.